MAY 11-13, 2021

Data, Disinformation and Human Mobility


Welcome to the World Migration and Displacement Symposium: Data, Disinformation and Human Mobility, a virtual global event co-organized by USA for IOMUSA for UNHCR, and the Harvard Data Science Review (HDSR). It has been scheduled to take place from May 11-13, 2021.

Across the three days, the event will feature high level speakers from three organizations as well as featured guests from the industry, NGOs, and academia whom contribute to the conversation on the themes of disinformation, vulnerable populations, and COVID-19. The symposium will conclude with a keynote fireside chat by IOM Director General Antonio Vitorino, and Founding Editor-In-Chief of the Harvard Data Science Review, Xiao-Li Meng. A partnership between academia, humanitarian actors, and key voices in the data science community strengthens our mandate to combat the negative rhetoric around human mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic. As an extension of the symposium, the open access journal, Harvard Data Science Review (HDSR) will be publishing a special theme edition that is anticipated to be available in December 2021 in recognition of International Migrants Day.

We hope you can join in supporting this initiative in creating stronger ties across institutions and sectors that share a common goal of combatting disinformation around human mobility, which is now more important than ever.

Please register below. Stay tuned to this page and our social media channels for updates on the speakers and other resources.